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The Dental Resource Group is a gathering of independent professional advisors to dentists. Our purpose, internally, is to stay abreast of current events, educate one another, share ideas, and to stay connected to the profession that we all serve. Externally, we seek to add value by providing opportunities for dentists to engage with multiple dental advisors from a number of different disciplines.

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DRG members:

Jerry Kingwell – Cobb Hill Construction

Patrick Closson – McLane Middleton Law Firm

Michele DesMarais – Paragon Dental Practice Transitions

Nancy Kagan or Blake Cohen – Summit Dental Partners

Shelley Phaneuf – Davis & Towle Insurance Group

Troy Zerveskes, Advisory Resource Group

Greg Whitmer, Bank of America Practice Solutions

Mary Grise, The Inside View

Dr. Rob Maguire, Dynamic Dental Communications

Amy Cann, HR ROI

Tim Hepburn, Baker, Newman, & Noyes

Contributing members:

James Williamson

Dr. Neil Hiltunen

Dr. Marc Brown

The dental resource group (DRG) is comprised of separate independent individuals and businesses and the relationship of the members of DRG does not and is not intended to create a partnership, joint venture, or any other business relationship among its members.