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There is little delineation between where a dentist’s personal life stops and their practice life begins. As both a financial advisor and practice consultant, Troy and his firm Advisory Resource Group work with dentists to develop a holistic perspective that integrates the successful operation of the practice with their personal financial plan. Troy is hired to coordinate practice transition with retirement, to assist newer dentists with acquiring or starting a practice and to help those at every stage with effectively developing and implementing personal financial and practice strategies.

Advisory Resource Group is a fee-based independent Registered Investment Advisor. Working to support the needs of dental and medical professionals since 2003, ARG fills a unique niche in the world of professional planning. By working almost exclusively with dentists and their practices, ARG understands the nuances of what it takes to operate and plan for them effectively. In the same way a patient needing a procedure seeks a specialist, dentists select ARG because they appreciate the regularity in which we work in situations just like theirs.

First, we gain a detailed understanding of the situation, this is crucial to making good decisions. Next, we create a plan that encompasses the client’s objectives, both personally and professionally. Finally, we partner with the vital resources necessary such as transition consultants, practice management consultants, industry attorneys and CPAs, dental lenders, and a wide host of others to work toward our client’s goals. The selection and facilitation of these trusted resources is a key component of the ARG value proposition.

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