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For most, certain questions begin entering our minds as we approach the later stages of our careers; Am I saving enough? How should I balance saving for retirement and paying for my children’s educations? How do I pay less in taxes? It was once said that if planning for retirement was a golf game, the back nine would be a hockey rink. It is a completely different sport.

Often times investments, insurances and other products that have been acquired over the years can look like a financial junk drawer. Advisory Resource Group understands these challenges and has been helping people in the later stages of their careers navigate these challenges for over 15 years. We first assist our clients with taking a “step back” to understand where they are in relation to where they want to be.

Next, using our real-time financial planning process we run multiple what-if scenarios to test drive important decisions before they are ever made. During this process, we carefully analyze and organize each of the “tools in the drawer” and determine what role they will play in pursuing our needs. If they won’t, they are swapped out in favor of those that can. Careful planning and execution helps to answer these important questions and lead our clients down a financial glide path to their retirement. The goal of this process is to help people begin to think about the next phase of their lives and calm any fears of the unknown.